CLEARLY a great reminder for the Planner

For those of you who have already purchased the Planner Close To My Heart came out with in December (and those of you still thinking about it...what are you waiting for? It''s AWESOME!), I have an idea to show you!
If you purchased the PML (Picture My Life cards) last month that were on special, these are what I used here. If you didn't get the PML cards last month, we still have a lot of different themes to choose from in our Annual Idea book!

First I took a piece of Overhead Projector sheets and I punched the 3 holes on the left side to fit into the planner and on the right edge I decided to put Washi Tape (this particular one was retired last year...great time to use up items you have on hand or we have several FUN patterns to choose from in our current stock).

Then I taped two cards, one with just a pattern (no quotes or pictures) on the bottom and another with a great quote on top of it, in the middle of the Acetate.

This way I have a cute quote to remind me to do my 'to do' items and I have another card underneath (you can see it sticking out at the bottom and the left side...that's to remind me to look at what's under there! lol, I think it's cute too!) to put my 'rolling' or long term To Do I remember to add them to my calendar but I don't need to keep them in my head!

Then I just put it in my planner and move it ahead every couple of weeks so I remember to look at it once in a while. lol

You can see here that it is a little shorter than my planner pages...I didn't do this intentionally (my piece of acetate was just that size and I just went with it since the PML cards fit on it just fine), however, I think I like it being a little shorter (you can choose the size you like for yours!)...I don't pass it over when I get to it's doing it's job so far! When I get this card full and all marked off, I can add another one under there and start all over!

Thanks for looking!
Have a great Day!
Until next time, Create it with Heart,

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