2,4,6,8 Bag Design

Today I am sharing my bag design with you, the third time is a charm right?? (I have tried several times and hopefully can get this one posted.)

This is a basic bag that is 2 inches square.

Cut your paper at 8 1/2" x (The height you want the bag + 2")
So if you want a 6" tall bag, cut your paper at 8" x 8 1/2"
(TIP: be sure to watch your pattern so it will be going the correct direction

Score (with the 8 1/2" side butted up to stopper) at 2", 4", 6",and  8"
Turn paper and score at 2" from the bottom.

Cut as described on the diagram above (the solid lines). Basically you will cut the tabs up to the 2" score line at the bottom, cute off the skinny rectangle on the right and miter all pieces (including top of tab).

I hope you can make sense of this and get a lot of use from it!

Let me know if you have questions, I would love to see your fabulous bags too!
Until next time, Remember to Create it from your Heart,


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